LinkPoint Technology Group Merges IT Services and Teams Across Locations to Better Serve Customers

Vancouver, British Columbia, October 7, 2020

LinkPoint Technology Group (LTG) is taking its next steps in operationalizing the 2019 acquisition of CONNECT Okanagan Telephone Ltd. and CONNECT Information Technology Solutions Inc. (collectively “CONNECT”) by merging CONNECT’s IT services division under the parent company, LTG. CONNECT Telecom will remain while CONNECT IT will be re-branded as LinkPoint IT Solutions, unifying two departments under one brand, thus, leading to a singular, cohesive and enhanced IT division with a strengthened depth of resources.

As the unification process will complete as at the end of this month the LinkPoint and CONNECT brands will be proud to release refreshed branding, updated efficiencies in service structures and more comprehensive offerings. These enhancements will be made across all offices in all regions and will position LTG to strengthen its products and services.

“As an organization, we remain reflective in how to innovate and improve our business while considering outcomes that will be best for our clients and our staff,” said Kyle Sarwal, CEO of LTG. “At the onset of this initiative to unify our IT departments, we have been focussed on a seamless transition. Over the past few months, we’ve been working to train staff on joint systems and processes. Bridging this gap helps onboard our internal teams to singular, core systems and allows the Company to leverage its economies of scale to deliver efficient and effective solutions to the market.”

Over the next few months, LTG will focus on ensuring seamless operation of its consolidate IT team, while building the footprint of CONNECT Telecom. In the Immediate, LinkPoint will be expanding its head office in the lower mainland while opening CONNECT Telecom offices in the lower mainland.

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