Your Business is Our Priority

About us

We help our clients grow their business as our Own

A single source for all your business IT solutions firm with an expert team of highly dedicated specialists, supported by strategic and emerging technology partners, who are laser-focused on taking companies to the next level.

Our Approach

We understand that you may need more than just advice, thus we work as an extension of your team to strategize, design, develop, analyze, and implement the solutions that deliver value to your business. We integrate our processes within yours, so that we can manage (and support) any changes with ease and success.

LinkPoint's Mission

To foster a team-based approach in solving technology problems through services, support, consulting, and procurement while our best people grow and prosper by serving our clients at the highest standard.

Who we are

LinkPoint has been providing Consulting Services to our clients for over two decades. With our US headquarters in Leesburg, Virginia, we are a team of experienced professionals who always give their full dedication to every project. We serve a variety of industries, including government contractors, medical, legal, manufacturing, education, retail, hospitality, finance, and more, in both private and public sectors.

Core Values: PROACT


People First

  • We are a group that cares and looks after one another, and does what it takes to ensure everyone’s individual and collective successes are a top priority
  • We listen as well as we speak. We speak as well as we listen
  • We actively seek and deliver constructive criticism
  • We evoke effective communication, empathy, compassion, and support 


Results Oriented

  • We focus adding value in all our interactions
  • We constantly evaluate new methods, ideas, and products
  • We regularly demonstrate insightfulness and proactively approach challenges, opposed to acting reactively or finding quick fixes 
  • We constantly employ the A.P.E theory – Assess, Plan, and Execute
  • We are considerate of business goals, future technologies, scalability, and returns on investment



  • We operate as a single unified team 
  • We provide a seamless and harmonious experience across all business units 
  • Our collective knowledge, skills, and abilities, allow us to develop and exercise synergy
  • Our interdependencies allow us to support one another and become powerful beyond measure



  • We hold ourselves accountable and support our colleagues by holding them accountable 
  • We act with purpose, intention, and confidence, not complacency 
  • We are always honest and speak the truth, even if the message is difficult 
  • We follow through on our word and our obligations


Customer Experience

  • We serve the needs of our customers and exceed expectations at every touch point
  • We ensure our customers are extremely satisfied with our products, services, and offerings
  • We listen deeply to our customers, identify root causes, and go out of our way to provide the best solution possible
  • We operate with a sense of urgency, taking due care and consideration to offer timely service 
  • We do not settle for the status quo and constantly evaluate the best way to serve our customers



  • We collaborate with our team members to put the best products/services in front of our clients
  • We encourage healthy dialogue amongst one another and acknowledge differing opinions, thoughts, and experiences, even if we do not share the same perspective
  • We work together collectively as a cohesive team
  • We value creative thinking; we are solutions experts

Proud member of

Loudoun County Chamber of Commerce